Nominating Committee Process


A major function of the upcoming constituency session will be to elect the six conference officers, 27 members of the executive committee (the governing body of SECC) and the nine bylaws committee members for the next quinquennium.

Our denomination has a representative form of governance and the conference nominating committee is very similar to the local church nominating committee. The process allows for every church in SECC to participate in the decision of who is elected to serve. Nominations will come from the nominating committee to the floor of the SECC Constituency Session meeting on October 27, 2013 for a vote by all delegates present.

SECC bylaws give clear direction as to the process and procedure of the selecting of the nominating committee and the function of that committee.

Make up of Nominating Committee

The nominating committee is a standing committee of the conference.

The nominating committee has 27 members and six members are chosen by the various groups they represent:

  1.  Two members of the executive committee not eligible for re-election – they have served the two term limit. The members selected were Anna Mae Crowder and Larry Grimaldi.
  2. One person selected by the executive committee to represent conference institutions (typically, this has alternated between Loma Linda University and La Sierra University). Ron Carter, provost of Loma Linda University, was selected.
  3. One member of the bylaws committee. Julianna Madison, current bylaws chair, is representing this group.
  4. One pastor of a constituent congregation. John Brunt, senior pastor of Azure Hills church, was elected by the pastors of the conference.
  5. One representative of the conference board of education. Stephen Zurek, associate education superintendent, represents this group.

The additional 21 members were selected on August 28, by the committee to select the nominating committee. For a review of what happened click here.

Nominating Committee Members
Nominating Committee Grid


Meeting of Nominating Committee

The first meeting of the nominating committee will be on September 8, 2013.  Their first task will be to organize the committee, under the temporary chair of the conference president, by selecting a chair, an associate chair and a secretary. Once the committee is organized, it will proceed on its own with the conference president and the union president serving as advisors.

The bylaws instruct, “its meetings shall be closed except to hear persons who make prior arrangements with the chair” (Bylaws of SECC, Section 6.5.b)

Duties of the Nominating Committee

Duties of the Nominating Committee are to nominate:

  • A President
  • A Secretary
  • A Treasurer
  • Three Vice Presidents for Pastoral Ministry
  • A Vice President for Asian-Pacific Ministries
  • A Vice President for Black Ministries
  • A Vice President for Hispanic Ministries
  • Members of the Executive Committee
  • Members of the Bylaws Committee

Nominating Committee Report

Information from the committee will be posted here as they complete their work.