How are delegates chosen and how many?

who when whereDelegates are chosen during a church business meeting prior to the Constituency Session and must be a member at that church.

For more information about how delegates are elected, see SECC Bylaws, Section 6.4.b, p. 4.

The bylaws of Southeastern California Conference give clear instructions about how many delegates each church and company sends to the session:
“Constituent congregations shall be represented at each Constituency Session by members they elect as regular delegates on the basis of one delegate for the constituent congregation and one additional delegate for each one hundred members or major fraction thereof…” (SECC Bylaws, Section 6.3, p. 3)

The bylaws also determine who is qualified to serve as a delegate-at-large.

For more information about delegate-at-large, see SECC Bylaws, Section 6.3.a, p. 3.

Following these guidelines we expect the following number of possible delegates at the session:
Regular delegates: 830
Delegates-at-large: 300