Youth Ministries

Rudy Carrillo; Director, Pathfinder & Adventurer Ministry
Judi Jeffreys; secretary – Pathfinder & Adventurer Ministry
Carmen Ibañez; Executive Director, Pine Springs Ranch
David Machado; Retreat Center Associate Director
AC Humphrey; Food Service Director
Lupe Corona; Food Service Assistant Director
Fritz Wuttke; Plant Services Director
Jake Guy; Maintenance Worker
Manuel Padilla; Maintenance Worker
Eric Penick; Associate Director, Senior Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Manny Vitug; Associate Director, Children’s Ministries
Liz Adams; Secretary Children’s, Senior Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Jeremy Cruz; Youth Camp Assistant Director
Madelyn Magos; Secretary, PSR Summer Camp

PSR Retreat Center Highlights

There have been significant changes in the leadership structure of the camp.  In 2010 Pine Springs Ranch officially became a part of our SECC youth ministries.  Additionally, both the Christian Youth Camp and the Retreat Center are now under the direction of the executive director of Pine Springs Ranch.  This change in the leadership structure is intended to allow for a more cohesive vision in the ministry we provide to our retreat guests and summer campers.


Mission StatementSECC youth ministries seeks to disciple youth and their leaders to live an authentic life in Christ for the building up of the kingdom.

Vision Statement

SECC youth ministries serves the YOUTH of the church by developing:

Young people accepting Christ
Owning their faith,
Using their talents for God,
Transforming their neighborhood, and
Heading for Heaven.

Strategic plan triangles_no background

Strategic Plan

SECC youth ministries developed a strategic plan that encompasses the mission and vision statements.  This plan has three components and is modeled in the triangles above:  authentic living, discipling and kingdom building.  We believe that one must be authentic in their relationship with God before discipling and leading others to Christ and therefore, bringing others to the kingdom.  Over a three year period, SECC Youth ministries intentionally developed a theme focusing on one of the components and replicates it in all the ministries throughout our fiscal year (September – August).

Pine Springs Ranch 50th Anniversary

psr ice
In 2011 Pine Springs Ranch celebrated 50 years of ministry.  To honor the occasion Pine Springs Ranch had a celebration weekend in December.


A “Winter Wonderland” gala was held on a Saturday night and on Sunday the camp had an open house for SECC churches and the local community.

SECC Youth Ministries Leadership Convention

For the first time SECC youth ministries hosted a youth leadership training for all of the children, Adventurer, Pathfinder, youth & young adult leaders at one time in one location.  This was done at the Ontario Convention Center in October 2012. Each one of the speakers (James Black, NAD Youth Ministries Director; Doug Fields, Youth Specialties; Yami Bazan, LSU Student Services; Emil Peeler, SECC Evangelist) were insightful and uplifting in the messages given.  The presenters were professional and equipped leaders with the tools necessary to do their ministry.  Exhibitors came prepared with resources that leaders were eager to use.

Ex Gear Up 6_text

Our volunteers were cheerful and helpful. The attendees filled the Ontario Convention Center with their enthusiasm.

Here is what attendees said:

  • “Love everything about it. Just wish there are more than one each year.”
  • “The event was very well organized. It was well presented and the workshops were informative for the most part.”
  • “When I attend events like these, I do so because I want to learn more about how to lead our young people. The schedule was tight, but I felt that I really took advantage of every minute and got my money’s worth. I don’t like attending events that have too much down time…I go to learn.”


graph4Pacific Union-wide Pathfinder Camporee
Working with youth ministries departments in the Pacific Union, SECC youth ministries helped organize, plan and run the Pacific Union Camporee at Glen Helen regional park in March 2012, which hadn’t been done in 20 years. Six thousand Pathfinders and leaders attended from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah.  Many were inspired and blessed by the guest speaker, Jose Rojas, former NAD Volunteer ministries director.  He gave biblical and real life principles to the theme:  “Love, Live, Lead.”

We heard a lot of positive feedback from several of the clubs such as, “awesome activities,” “many quality honor classes,” “appreciated AdventSource selling patches onsite.” On Sabbath, 25 Master Guides were invested and 47 Pathfinders were baptized.


Highlights of the last 5 Years

Youth Ministries

  • Evaluated and tweaked the strategic plan
  • Published a monthly newsletter unifying all the ministries:  Children, Adventurer, Pathfinder, Senior Youth, Young Adults, PSR Summer Camp and Pine Springs Ranch.
  • Redesigned the website by streamlining and making it more user-friendly and added a language translation filter to translate the website into someone’s native tongue.
  • Developed an app for leaders to access each ministry, contact information, events and other useful links.
  • Moved to online registrations for events.

CM logo Children’s Ministries

It is exciting that SECC continues to make a statement that children are a priority in this conference.  As a department, our goal is to Empower churches to ‘R-A-I-S-E children to God.  This means that we will help churches provide an atmosphere where children can:

Rejoice in worship, Affirm fellowship, Instill discipleship, Serve Christ, & Evangelize their world.

Through prayer and God’s leading, the CM Council worked together to:

  • Assess the needs of children’s ministry in our churches through a survey.
  • As a result, action plans were created to address the various needs that entailed:
    •  Emailing tips that address parenting issues.
    •  Preaching at churches to emphasize the importance of ministering to our children not only in Sabbath School but in our worship service.
  • While resources were made available to our CM leaders, this is an area where more needs to be done to help them better accomplish this.
    •  Training CM pastors and leaders so they are better equipped to train local churches.
    •  Setting up various workshops and conventions that train CM lay leaders in our churches at various regions.

NAD-Pathfinder-Logo-1-25-dpiadventurerPathfinder & Adventurer Ministries

  • Attended the North American Division “Courage to Stand” Camporee in 2009 with 38,000 Pathfinder and leaders from the Inter-American Division, South America and other parts of the world.
  • Revised the Pathfinder monthly report to meet the strategic plan’s yearly theme with club reporting on how they are applying the theme to their devotion and practicing the theme as a club.
  • Continued to train teens and leaders by having annual conventions.
  • Continued annual events such as Beach day, Kite day, Fun day and Fair.
  • Held training for Master Guides to promote spiritually strong leadership.

Senior Youth & Young Adults Ministries

  • Conducted training events that focused on equipping youth leaders.
  • Continued “Junior High Bible Camp”, open to public and private school students.
  • Conducted Musical Worship experience for young adults and youth.
  • Held yearly Bible knowledge event, encouraging Bible reading.
  • Provided grief training workshops for pastors to better help hurting teens.
  • Continued annual gatherings such as SECC Beach Vespers and added SECC Youth Day.
  • Co-sponsored Connecting Workshop: Teen Preaching Seminar with Mesa Grande and Involve youth.
  • Provided training on how to get ministries on public university campuses via Adventist Campus Fellowship (ACF)
  • Helped establish ACF Clubs on Cal State San Bernardino and University of Riverside.
  • Hosted Conference for ACF Institute in partnership with Affiliated Resources for Campus ministry (ARC) and La Sierra University.
  • Held young adult retreats focusing on young professionals.
  • Conducted outreach on public university and college campuses: Eat Talk and Pray (UCR), Crave (San Marcos).
  • Continued to work with ministry vice presidents to provide training and event support to targeted youth demographics: youth camp meeting, Federation of Hispanic Youth, Empower Ministries.
  •  Co-sponsored “Shine: Young Women’s Retreat” with Hispanics ministries for young women conference-wide.
  • Continued sponsorship of “Jr./Sr. Bible Camp” with the Office of Education.
  • Directed “West Coast Youth Conference” with leaders union wide.
  • Attended the General Conference’s “Impact South Africa (2013): 3rd world Conference on Youth and Community Service” with youth and leaders from SECC.
  • Supported various churches, youth rallies and schools through preaching, week of prayers, and provide programming support.

Pine Springs Ranch & Summer Camp

  • The lodge, the multi-purpose building, the pool building, and the cafeteria all received a fresh coat of paint in 2011.
  • New seating put in at Teepee Village and at Wagon Camp.  The wagons at Wagon Camp were also refurbished.
  • Much has been done to improve the overall look of our grounds.  We replaced part of our barbed wire fence with a much nicer post fence at the entrance to our camp.  Our landscaping has never looked better!
  • Despite the economic challenges, the retreat center has been very busy.  Due to financial limitations of churches and groups, we tend to have multiple small groups rather than a single large group per weekend.   The demand is for more groups per weekend, but we are limited by the size of our dining hall and by the number of available meeting rooms.
  • We continue to work with the architects on the phasing of our master plan.  The overall desire is for future buildings to be functional, low in maintenance, and for their design/style to honor and highlight the beauty in the surrounding nature.   Although we are not financially ready to begin building, the focus has been to start the county approval process by preparing to submit our plans.

Goals for the Next 5 Years

Youth Ministries

  • Hold area meetings with the purpose of training or meeting with pastors.
  • Host educational seminars for Bible teachers and pastors.
  • Encourage churches to get involved with local community.
  • Provide support material for the yearly theme.
  • Host a trip, as an educational experience, to the Holy Land for leaders.
  • Provide more online resources for leaders: ministry links, webinars, etc.

CM logoChildren’s Ministries

  • Help churches provide local children’s ministry training in their church.
  • Train and provide equipment for churches to be able to do local evangelism to children in the community.
  •  Address the increasing concern of child safety in our churches.
  •  Send training links, webinars, and teaching tips via email.
  • Provide CM instant access resources that are downloadable or web-based.

NAD-Pathfinder-Logo-1-25-dpiadventurerPathfinder & Adventurer Ministries

  • Develop an online supply store.
  • Develop an online registration for churches to register their club and be insured .
  • Refresh our annual training conventions by emphasizing the ministries’ spiritual foundation.
  • Assist the county coordinators to use the website as a tool to blog about the local clubs and what is happening in their county.
  • Blog how clubs are applying the theme to their devotions and practicing the theme as a club.

Senior Youth & Young Adults Ministries

  • Foster youth mentoring in churches
  • Continue to promote Adventist Campus Fellowship in churches on campuses
  • Develop a support system for churches with sports ministries
  • Develop AY Network for churches who conduct afternoon programing

Pine Springs Ranch & Summer Camp 

  • In the next five years we hope to obtain county approval for our master plan.  We will continue pray that we see a positive change in the economy, and we will continue to patiently wait on God to make the possibility of the development of the master plan into a reality.
  • As we wait, we will continue to do any needed repairs and improvements when feasible.
  • We plan to repair/reinforce two of our water tanks that are badly worn and damaged.
  • We will continue to strive to make our ministry of service to our guests the highest priority.  We hope that our guests will not only see God’s reflection in the surrounding beauty but also in the service that we provide.
  • Overall, we are humbled by the privilege we have to serve such an amazing God.  We are amazed by the miracles that happen in the hearts of our guests.  Only when we get to heaven will we realize how God used this place, in this beautiful setting to touch and transform lives.