Property and Trust

PATS 2013

Charles McKinstry; Property and Trust Services Department Director, provides legal advice and services to conference administrators, schools, churches and Pine Springs Ranch.

Rosie Ng Wong Hing; Administrative Assistant, Real Property Clerk
Reyna Escobar; Office Manager,Trust Officer
Veronica Mendez; Trust Management Assistant
Earl Labry; Planned Giving Representative
Kim Stewart; Trust Management Assistant
Reed Webster; Planned Giving Representative
Emily Fraser; Trust Management Assistant
Terry Sitanggang; Accountant for Trust Accounting
Edna Johnson; Accountant for Trust and Conference Investments

All trust personnel is certified by the North American Division. Escobar and Labry are certified by the American Institute for Philanthropic Studies as planned giving consultants. Escobar, Stewart and Webster have also completed professional fiduciary certification through UCR-extension program and have completed or are in the process of becoming licensed by the State of California.  SECC personnel is the first to complete this requirement.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Property & Trust Services Department is to assist members and non-members who desire to make a planned gift to the work of the church, protect the church by handling real property and legal issues carefully and to provide significant income to the conference through effective management of real property investments.

Highlights of Last 5 Years

$12,197,923 has been received as a result of estate plan distributions and donations from members and non-members between 2008 – 2012.  These monies have greatly benefited the work of the church and conference itself.

Since 2003, in an effort to help the conference meet budgetery cuts, Property and Trust Services has reduced staffing by 25%.

Management of conference owned investment properties has made possible $2 million in net rental income annually.  This is by far the best income producing asset, turning it into a huge blessing for the entire conference.

Goals for the Next 5 Years

Our first goal is to continue to make available comprehensive estate planning services to all members in spite of the challenges in reaching over 70,000 multi-cultural members.

Secondly, continue to manage real property in a manner that will increse income for SECC; this includes replacing non-income producing property with income growth properties.

Lastly, make better use of technology in the handling, processing and storage of trust and property documents.