Gerald D. Penick, Sr., President

Gerald D. Penick, Sr., President

Mario Perez,  Assistant to the President

Mario Perez,
Assistant to the President

Erika Galaviz, Administrative Assistant

Erika Galaviz,
Administrative Assistant








During the past 5 years, I have seen the Lord work in a marvelous way through prayer and the united efforts of the many dedicated members, pastors and teachers, who have worked together to make a difference in this great conference.

The theme for this constituency session “Follow Me,” captures the vision of what we as members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church should experience as we seek to bring souls into a relationship with Jesus Christ during the next five years. I consider it a privilege to serve the Lord in this diverse Southeastern California Conference.

Purpose Statement

We are here to expand God’s kingdom through the preaching, teaching, publishing and living of the everlasting gospel throughout the cross-cultural communities of our territory. I have a privilege of making this a reality, by partnering with our pastors, office staff and ultimately God.

The conference president works with the conference executive secretary and treasurer in the operation and strategic planning of the conference. As a team we plan, develop and implement long-range goals and objectives in accordance with executive committee directives and constituency guidelines. The president administers along with the executive secretary the recruitment and placement of pastoral personnel this includes interviewing prospective ministerial interns and pastors seeking employment at SECC. The duties and responsibilities of the president also include presiding at the conference sessions and of the executive committee. Besides chairing meetings the president is part of various boards such as Pacific Union Conference Committees, La Sierra Board of Trustees, NAD year-end meetings and others. Another responsibility is to attend and participate at churches and schools milestone events, such as anniversaries, mortgage burning ceremonies, pastoral installations and others.

Mario Perez, assistant to the president, aids the president and represents the president at various events in the conference and committees.

Highlights of the Last 5 Years


  • FEBRUARY: San Marcos church burns mortgage
  • MAY: Arlington church celebrates 50 years at current location
  • AUGUST: Desert Adventist Academy, Laguna Niguel Junior Academy and Murrieta Springs Adventist Christian school open new buildings
  • OCTOBER: Chino Spanish church celebrates 50th anniversary
  • DECEMBER: Redlands church opens after remodel


  • JANUARY: Conference passes 68,000 mark for membership
  • JUNE: Victoria church celebrates 30th anniversary


  • OCTOBER: Loma Linda Academy opens new building
  • OCTOBER: Loma Linda University church’s outreach program EXCELL celebrates 20 years of service
  • DECEMBER: PSR celebrates 50 years


  • MARCH: Calexico Mission school celebrates 75th anniversary
  • MARCH: La Sierra Academy celebrates 90th anniversary
  • MARCH: Conference executive committee votes new wording for Ministerial Credential and  replaces the words “Ordained-Commissioned” to “Ordained”
  • AUGUST: El Cajon church celebrates 100th Anniversary
  • AUGUST: Pacific Union Conference Committee votes for women to be ordained to ministry


  • JANUARY: Rancho Cucamonga company was organized as a church

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • To create a strategy for SECC members to work together in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus to friends, neighbors and fellow workers.
  • To pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the churches so that the work may be finished that has been given to each follower.
  • To make the next five years record-breaking soul winning event.