Hispanic Ministries

Alberto Ingleton Director

Alberto Ingleton

Marvella Garcia, Administrative Secretary

Marvella Garcia, Administrative Secretary

Purpose Statement

The mission of Hispanic Ministries is to nurture church members into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ which will enable them to make friends, share their faith, and meet the needs of the Hispanic community, leading them to Jesus and His church. Hispanic ministries encourages members to become involved in edifying the body of Christ, in nurture and in outreach.

Highlights of the Last 5 Years

  • Five churches were organized, Ontario Spanish, Oceanside Spanish, El Centro Spanish, Rubidoux Spanish and Riverside Central Spanish churches.
  • Three companies were formed: Temecula Spanish, Riverside Central Spanish and Redlands Spanish companies.
  • Four groups were formally recognized: Lake Elsinore Spanish, Rialto Spanish, San Juan Capistrano and Montclair Spanish groups.
  • One new church was purchased, Riverside Central Spanish.
  • The San Ysidro Spanish church expanded the sanctuary. They created a multipurpose room, children’s classrooms, a pastoral office and new restrooms.
  • The counties participated in regional Evangelistic NETS.
      • San Diego County: February 2008 with Evangelist Alejandro Bullón.
      • Orange County: October 2009 with Pastor Frank Gonzalez.
      • Riverside and San Bernardino Counties: August 2008 with Evangelist Alejandro Bullón.
      • Orange County: March 2011 with evangelist Alejandro Bullón.
      • Riverside County: September 2011 with Bernardo Rodriguez.
      • San Bernardino County: October 2011 with Frank Gonzalez.
      • These were preplanned harvest campaigns.
  • Easter week Harvest Crusade: In April 2011, 30 Hispanic churches joined the Harvest Crusade led by the Pacific Union Hispanic ministries department during which 364 new members were added to our congregation.
  • Hispanic Couples Retreat: In February 2011, our first couples retreat was organized by Hispanic Family ministries under the leadership of Sara Fernandez. A continuation of the retreat was held in 2012.
  • With the purpose of maintaining a holistic approach for members of our congregation, the conference has sponsored annual retreats during the last five years in the following areas: Hispanic Men’s retreat, Hispanic Women’s retreat, SHINE a retreat for young women, Hispanic Youth Prayer retreat, Hispanic Family retreat and Hispanic Prayer retreat. These retreats help to nurture the spiritual, social and intellectual growth among Hispanic members.
  • Two churches celebrated their 50th anniversary with special church services and with their local communities. Chino Spanish church in October 2009, and Barstow Bilingual church in November 2010.
  • One church celebrated 25 years of community service: San Diego Spanish, November, 2011
  • To better serve their church community the Yucaipa Spanish church inaugurated the Family Health and Wellness Center in 2010.
  • From 2008-2011, a Discipleship Institute was established with the purpose of training our lay members with courses that solidify their Christian experiences as well as cultivate their personal desire to share Christ with others.
  • In December 2012 we held a leadership training seminar for our church elders. Jonas Arrais, associate ministerial director for the General Conference, led the seminar. Nearly 300 elders were in attendance and were richly blessed, trained and equipped to continue to meet their responsibilities.

Medardo Marroquin, pastor of the San Diego Spanish church (Eta), was ordained in December 2009.

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Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Organize four new churches.
  • Purchase three new church buildings.
  • Increase baptisms by 10% during the next five years.
  • Continue to seek ways to reach and retain second-and third-generation Hispanics.
  • Find ways to keep the back door closed in our churches, for the purpose of retaining as many members as possible.
  • Make an intentional effort to give our children a Christian education in our Adventists schools.
  • Increase tithe by 2 percent.