Enno Müller  Interim Director

Enno Müller
Interim Director

Chloë Vander Zwan Communication Assistant

Chloë Vander Zwan Communication Assistant








Purpose Statement

The communication department shares the visions and messages of the president and conference administration to employees, members and the community at large. The department also shares news and information about events, celebrations and other highlights of churches and schools within the conference territory. Information is shared through print material, the Web and other media. The communication department also works on other various projects and research assignments given by conference administration.

Highlights of the Past 5 Years

The most impactful thing that happened to the communication department during the last five years is the retirement of Jocelyn Fay, assistant to the president for communication, in 2011. Fay’s departure was felt immediately. She brought vision, forward thinking and innovation to the office. During the last two years, Enno Müller has been functioning as interim director.

Each month the department sends news stories, events and obituaries to the Pacific Union Recorder for publication. Six times a year it produces Conference Priorities, a newsletter for SECC members that is inserted into the Recorder, focusing on conference people and business.

During the past 5 years, the communication department has been working more closely with crisis situations. Some of these were related to deaths, accidents, building projects, retirements and terminations. These are certainly not joyous events, but with careful crisis management and strategies these have passed more smoothly.

The communication department has been involved in numerous projects involving, but not limiting to: surveys, research, distribution of information, public statements, press releases, crisis management planning, Web training, videos and photo shoots.

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  1. Continue to report and share news, events and outreach initiatives from all SECC churches and schools throughout the conference territory and beyond.
  2. Report about evangelistic and ministry initiatives coordinated by the conference through its departments as well as report about decisions of the conference executive committee.
  3. Build a comprehensive social media strategy for the conference.
  4. Restructure and redesign the conference Web site. Continue to assist churches and schools in maintaining their Web sites.
  5. Maintain and create relationships within the Adventist Church and the general public to disseminate news.
  6. Look for new innovative communication methods to share information with church members of all ages and information-gathering preferences.