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Brian Neal, Director

 Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Commitment department is to serve the Southeastern California Conference constituency with commitment/stewardship sermons, workshops, training and educational materials. We also focus on inspiring pastors and members toward financial faithfulness and systematic support of the local church, conference and world ministries.

Highlights of the Past 5 Years

  • Conducted more than 200 local church commitment days and/or weekends; these consist of divine worship service, sermons and, when possible, afternoon or midweek commitments/trust service seminars.  There has been an increase in consistent financial support from members to both local church budgets and tithe returned in nearly every church visited.
  • Worked closely with churches that are either remodeling, building a new church or purchasing a new facility.
  • The commitment department sponsored 20 financial counselor training workshops each year.
  • Developed practical useful tools for pastors and members:
    • The Total Life Commitment Letter goes to all Southeastern California Conference pastors, commitment leaders, head elders and/or secretaries. The Stewpot and the forthcoming offertory readings are included.
    • The commitment department edits the offering information for the North American Division and makes necessary changes to conform to the offering needs of the conference. These include: conference church/school building, K-12 scholarship, summer camp, Pine Springs Ranch Christian youth camp and retreat center, Calexico Mission School, and the PSR Christian Youth Camp and Retreat master plan.
    • The Offertory Readings in tablet form are sent to all churches as a useful tool for those calling for the Sabbath morning offerings.
    • We make sure that each church receives a sufficient quantity of Offertory Sunset Schedules (in bookmark form) for their members, including shut-ins.

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Continue to work with pastors, church boards and finance committees in the area of stewardship and commitment.
  • Continue to of deliver commitment/stewardship sermons, seminars and workshops as requested.
  • Continue to work closely with administration to assist churches and schools that are considering remodeling, new construction or the purchase of a new facility.
  • Continue to supply the pastors and members with practical useful tools:
    • The Total Life Commitment Letter,
    • The Offertory Readings, and
    • The Offertory Sunset Schedules.