Adventist Community Services

Dr. George M. King Director

Dr. George M. King

Danielle Arceneaux Administrative Assistant

Danielle Arceneaux Administrative Assistant







Purpose Statement

The mission of Adventist Community Services is to identify and serve the poor, needy and hurting people in the five counties of Southeastern California Conference. This is done by providing assistance in crisis situations and working toward long-term solutions with those affected.

Highlights of the Last 5 Years

  • Purchased a 37-ft. dolphin RV for health screening used within the conference.
  • Disaster response training seminars were conducted annually. Southeastern California Conference has trained over 500 volunteers.
  • Adventist Community Services Department sponsored an annual retreat at Pine Springs Ranch.
  • During the past five years, we have assisted in several disasters:
    • Financial assistance for rebuilding homes after hurricane Katrina and to buy boats after the tsunami
    • Many churches assisted financially and materially to aid those affected by the Haiti earthquake
    • Sent a trailer of blankets, winter coats, pants and sweaters to the New Jersey conference after Hurricane Sandy.

Goals for the Next 5 Years

  • Encourage all churches in the conference to provide for some of the needs in their community by establishing Community Centers
  • Continue to train volunteers through the Disaster Preparedness Program.
  • Expand the health screening van ministry within the conference.
  • Request that the County Community Services Federation officers visit each of the churches in their respective county to offer their advice in assisting those in need.

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