Committee to Select the Nominating Committee

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Every church and company has at least one delegate on the committee to select the nominating committee.

“The Committee to Select the Nominating Committee is a pro tempore committee consisting of one delegate for each constituent congregation and one additional delegate for each five hundred members or major fraction thereof (51% or more)” (Bylaws of SECC, Section 6.4.e).

Report from Committee to Select the Nominating Committee

Chosen from among the churches, regular delegates or delegates-at-large met on August 28, at the conference to select the nominating committee. Two hundred and sixty people were on the committee. That morning the committee operated with full quorum. Each person present received a workbook that contained an agenda and guidelines from the bylaws.

After a devotional by Ricardo Graham, Pacific Union president, and a brief introduction to the task of the day by Gerald Penick, SECC president, the committee selected a chair. Darold Retzer, recently retired executive pastor of the Loma Linda University church, was selected to chair the meeting.

Instructions were reviewed and the group broke into five caucus groups. Each of these groups represented a county in the SECC territory. The groups came up with names of representatives in their county for the nominating committee. Upon reconvening, the committee worked through a process of narrowing down the names and selecting a nominating committee that was representative of the geographic, ethnic, gender and age diversity of the conference. Alternates were identified in the event any nominated committee member declined to serve. In the end, one alternate was contacted and accepted to complete the makeup of the committee.

Listed below is the entire list of names of the nominating committee. To find out more information about this committee click here.

Nominating Committee Members
Nominating Committee Grid