Bylaws Report

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The Bylaws package contains the Bylaws with the proposed changes inserted in to the text.  Articles and Sections of the Bylaws with proposed changes are noted by ** in the right hand column of the Table of Contents.  Additions proposed to the Bylaws text are shown by bold italics type.  Deletions proposed are shown in regular type with strikeout.

Changes and Rationale

This brochure was prepared by the SECC Bylaws Committee for the delegates to the SECC First Quinquennial Constituency Session to be held Sunday, October 27, 2013.

* Article 6

-     Section 6.5.a:  Membership.  This Committee shall consist of twenty-seven members who are delegates or delegates-at-large. Six members shall be appointed to the Committee by the following groups as hereinafter specified: two members of the Executive Committee not eligible for re‑election; one person selected by the Executive Committee to represent Conference institutions; one member of the Bylaws Committee; one pastor of a constituent congregation; one representative of the Conference Board of Education. These representatives shall be chosen by their respective group at its nearest meeting preceding the first meeting of the Committee to Select the Nominating Committee (Section 6.4.e.).

In the selection of the remaining twenty-one members voted by the Committee to Select the Nominating Committee, there shall be balanced representation according to age, ethnicity, gender, and geographical area, not more than eight members may be employees of the Conference. At least two, but not more than five members shall have served on the Nominating Committee for the preceding Quadrennium Quinquennium. The Conference President or the President’s designee, and the Union Conference President or the Union Conference President’s designee shall serve as advisors to the Nominating Committee.

Rationale: To align the bylaws to be consistent with the frequency of term limit.

-     Section 6.6.c:  Quorum.  At the opening of the Constituency Session the Conference Secretary shall determine that a quorum of regular delegates is present (Section 6.4.b).

-       Section 6.6.c.1:  Opening Quorum.  An opening quorum shall consist of sixty percent (60%) of the regular delegates listed in the Session Booklet (Section 6.4.h). Should the opening quorum fail for lack of regular delegates present, a number up to but not to exceed fifteen percent (15%) of delegates–at-large shall be added to the number of regular delegates to achieve an opening quorum.

-       Section 6.6.c.2:  Operating Quorum.  Once it is determined that the opening quorum is present, no less than two-thirds of the required opening quorum shall be present to constitute an operating quorum for conducting business (Section 6.6.c.1).  Should the operating quorum fail for lack of regular delegates present, a number up to but not to exceed fifteen percent (15%) of delegates-at-large present shall be added to the number of regular delegates present to achieve an operating quorum.

Rationale:   Proposed revision to text of Bylaws makes the quorum requirement clearer.
No change is proposed in either percentage or mix of delegates.

*  Article 8

-     Section 8.5.a:  Frequency of Meetings.  The Executive Committee shall usually meet once each month but may be called to meet at any time by the President. In the absence of the President or the President’s designee, the Committee may designate a chair pro tempore. Upon the written request of five or more members of the committee, the President or the Secretary shall call a special meeting. “Actions taken at a special meeting must be reviewed and voted upon at the next regular meeting.”

-       Section 8.5.b:  Participation.  Members of the Executive Committee may participate in a meeting through use of conference telephone or similar communications equipment, as long as all members participating in such meetings can hear one another and provided there is a means of verifying that participants are members of the Executive Committee.

-       Section 8.5.c:  Voting in Special Circumstances.  In special circumstances requiring immediate action, electronic voting or other such means may be utilized, as long as the quorum requirements identified in section 8.6 are met.

Rationale:   Identifies the separate sections and provides the opportunity for electronic voting.

Add a Summary to the Bylaws

The addition of this section will insert a summary of the Bylaws immediately following the Table of Contents.

Rationale:   The summary provides a brief overview and does not replace the Bylaws.